Operating Lease / Rental

An operating lease is an agreement between you and the Bank to rent equipment for use in your business for a fixed period. It can be an efficient and cost-effective financing strategy if you are continually upgrading your vehicles and equipment, or if you want to rent rather than own your asset.

At the end of the lease period, you simply return the equipment to the Bank (subject to return conditions), without the liability of a residual value.


Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is an agreement to purchase equipment subject to payment terms. During the term, the financier owns the vehicle or equipment, and when the customer makes the final payment ownership is automatically transferred. The main difference between Hire Purchase and leasing is that you gain equity in the asset with each monthly rental payment.


Chattel Mortgage

A chattel mortgage is simply a loan of money where the funder takes a lien by way of Bill of Sale over an asset. The difference between this product, Commercial Hire Purchase and Leasing is that the customer owns the equipment from day one


Novated Lease

A Novated Lease is a flexible and convenient way of purchasing a vehicle for both employers and employees. All on road costs, registration costs and insurance can be financed within the deal.


Finance Lease

A finance lease provides 100% finance to acquire assets for use in your business. Finance lease is an agreement where the Bank owns the asset and you then lease it for an agreed term and rental amount.


IT Leasing

Finance Exchange can arrange a complete array of leasing and financial lifecycle management services.

Through certain funders we can help you transition from existing equipment to the latest technology, acquire a new solution cost-effectively, and manage that solution throughout its lifecycle.

Our funders can help you transition from your existing platforms to new ones. We can arrange for the funder to purchase your existing equipment from you and pay you for it, or lease it back to you for a few years, you will have a transition plan in place and even some cash to begin investing in your new technology.

IT Leasing enables you to work within your budget, enabling you to obtain a bigger solution than you could afford if you purchased outright.  It also facilitates technology refresh.

Our Special IT Funders can offer a lifecycle approach to IT investment.  Unlike many financing sources, they look beyond the acquisition phase and work with you to manage your equipment over time so that you continue to get the most of your IT investment.

Our funders can help you retire your owned equipment safely.  If your equipment still has value, they will buy it from you, providing you cash for other investments.  If there is no remaining value in your assets, they will dispose of it in a way that is environmentally sound. They can also offer to remove the data on your systems, using an industry standard software.


Insurance Premium Finance

Insurance Premium Finance allows you to spread the cost of your business insurance premiums over a maximum of 12 monthly installments.


Debtor Finance

Invoice finance allows you to convert up to 80% of your unpaid (approved) debtor invoices into cash flow for your business.


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